IBDataWorks 1.1 available for download

A new version of IBDataWorks 1.1 (Build 152) is available for download.


  • increased size of CHECK constraint editor.
  • 3 new sample color schemes included (Blue & Teal, Black & White, Promotional)
  • support added for the following SQL statements when reverse engineering a SQL
    • SET AUTODDL (this is ignored by the parser)
  • add in support for triggers on views.
  • syntax highlighting has been added to all text fields that show SQL. This
    • Check Constraint Editor
    • Database Pre/Post scripts
    • Domain Editor
    • Preview/Output fields of Forward Engineering
    • Stored Procedure Editor
    • Table Pre/Post scripts
    • Trigger Editor
    • View Editor

    Note: At this time there is no way to modify the default colors and styles for
    syntax highlighting. This will be available in a future release.

  • custom colors can now be used when defining color schemes in the Preferences
  • Text Boxes are now listed in the Database Navigator.
  • the table name now appears in the title of the Table Editor.
  • Foreign keys can now be deleted visually by right clicking on either end-point
    of the relation and selecting "Delete".
  • added alt-a accelerator key on column editor for adding a new column.
  • when a new column is added it is automatically selected for editing and focus is
    set to the column name field with the default name hightlighted.
  • added feature when creating a new group in the model view, the cursor will return
    to the default selection mode after creating a single group editor or text box.

Bug Fixes

  • fixed localization issues with some European and South American locales.
    Specifically, any locale which uses the comma as a decimal seperator caused
    errors on launch of application and during reverse engineer from a live
  • precision on numeric columns was not being extracted properly for dialect 3
  • the default value for table columns was not being extracted.
  • AS keyword was not included in trigger source when a SQL script was reversed
  • fixed "Index Out Of Bounds" errors on parse of invalid SQL scripts.
  • add quotes around literal string values that are part of default values.
  • formatting of CHECK constraints is now preserved when extracted from a SQL
  • newly created textboxes now drawn immediately in the Model View.
  • file properties are now reset when the "New" button is clicked.
  • view SELECT statements were not imported correctly and formatting was lost when
    reverse engineered from a SQL script.
  • fixed bug where the SQL run during Forward Engineer did not match the SQL in the
  • SET TERM statements were generated in the forward engineer even if there were
    no triggers or stored procedures.
  • primary key constraints with no columns are automatically removed from the table.
    This fixes the error where an empty primary key is created during forward engineering.
  • fixed metadata names not validated correctly for all group objects. Duplicate names or
    blank names could cause access violations.
  • fixed some edit mode buttons (create new exception group,...) did not stay down when
    selected in the toolbar.
  • fixed can now edit the name of a grant in the grant editor.