SSDataWorks 1.0.0 Released

SoftMosis Inc. is pleased to announce the official release of SSDataWorks 1.0.0, a data modelling tool for Microsoft SQL Server. SSDataworks is an easy to use database design tool that allows DBAs and developers to create and maintain their SQL Server databases. Using entity relationship diagrams (ERD), users can easily visualize, analyze and manipulate their database metadata.

SSDataWorks 1.0.0 provides a powerful development environment allowing DBAs and developers to fully define every aspect of their SQL Server database, including the following features:

  • Reverse engineer from T-SQL scripts or a live database.
  • Forward engineer to T-SQL script or a live database.
  • Visually model and layout fully-attributed entity-relationship diagrams.
  • Generate HTML reports to create documentation.
  • Advanced scripting through an embedded JavaScript engine to extend the functionality of the tool (i.e. code generation).