iSmartCalc for the iPad

iSmartCalc is more then just a simple calculator, it has a powerful scrollable history that allows you to see your old calculations and results, but you can also select old equations and results and build on them. Also, iSmartCalc supports variables so you can reuse values easily. In iSmartCalc we have a bunch of built-in functions for use in your equations but the true power of iSmartCalc is the ability to define your own functions.Ā 


  • large simple interface
  • scrollable history
  • variables
  • Scientific functions
  • Custom functions

SSDataWorks 1.0.0 Released

SSDataWorks is an easy to use database design tool that allows DBAs and developers to create and maintain their SQL Server databases. Using entity relationship diagrams (ERD), users can easily visualize, analyze and manipulate their database metadata.

SSDataWorks provides a single interface for managing your SQL Server database schemas and objects, database design and extraction. You can easily visualize your existing databases, create new databases and/or reverse engineer existing databases and forward engineer your changes back to the database directly or as T-SQL scripts.

SSDataWorks has an easy to use interface to allow new users and experienced modelers alike, to quickly define new models. In addition, advanced features like column templates allow repetitive design tasks to be automated and provide code re-use.

Boxterity for iPhone and iPod touch

This amazing 3D game challenges you to find a certain color on a 3D cube by spinning the cube any direction you want and tapping on the color when you find it. Boxterity has two different modes of play to choose from. Arcade mode where you race to finish before the clock runs out and casual mode where there is no time limit but you get more points for finishing quicker. Boxterity also has support for OpenFeint where you can track your scores and achievements and compare them to your friends.

  • Cool 3D levels
  • Awesome game play
  • 30 different Levels
  • OpenFeint Achievements and Score Boards


IBDataWorks 1.3
Main screen IBDataWorks 1.3 provides a powerful development environment allowing DBA and developers to fully define every aspect of their InterBase® database including the following features:
  • Reverse engineer from SQL scripts or a live database
  • Forward engineer to script or to a live database
  • Visually model and layout fully-attributed diagrams
  • Supports InterBase®