SSDataWorks 1.0.0 Released

SSDataWorks is an easy to use database design tool that allows DBAs and developers to create and maintain their SQL Server databases. Using entity relationship diagrams (ERD), users can easily visualize, analyze and manipulate their database metadata.

SSDataWorks provides a single interface for managing your SQL Server database schemas and objects, database design and extraction. You can easily visualize your existing databases, create new databases and/or reverse engineer existing databases and forward engineer your changes back to the database directly or as T-SQL scripts.

SSDataWorks has an easy to use interface to allow new users and experienced modelers alike, to quickly define new models. In addition, advanced features like column templates allow repetitive design tasks to be automated and provide code re-use.

Key Features and Benefits

Visual Database Modeling

SSDataWorks offers an easy to use visual interface that allows you to design your database with minimal or no knowledge of SQL syntax. It uses entity-relationship diagrams to graphically layout your data model with various levels of detail.

Database Life Cycle Support
  • Generate T-SQL DDL scripts to create your database or generate the database directly to a live server.
  • Reverse engineer existing databases from a live server or T-SQL scripts and automatically layout your entitiy-relationship diagrams.
  • Apply changes made to the data model directly to existing databases or generate T-SQL scripts.
  • Merge changes from existing live databases into your database entity-relationship diagrams.

Generate detailed reports in HTML to document your database models.

Templating Engine

Generate re-usable DDL templates to automatically generate scripts, functions, triggers and stored procedures. Through an embedded JavaScript engine, the functionality of the tool can be extended to build custom reports or generate source code.

Easy-to-Use Modeling Environment

SSDataWorks has a easy intuitive interface that's let you focus immediately on building your data-model with a minimal learning curve.

Supported Databases

SSDataWorks supports SQL Server 2005 and limited support for SQL Server 2008.


SSDataWorks features vary by product edition. SSDataWorks is available in two editions:
  • View Edition Free read-only version of the application allowing other members of your team to view and print model diagrams.
  • Professional Edition Full featured version suitable for developers and DBAs who need to design and maintain databases.